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Datingdaily com

In this investigation we will prove how illegitimate and phony My Daily Fling is. We have all the evidence and all the proof and we're going to share it with you.

This is going to shock you because it really portrays the level of fraud in the online dating world.

Their notice wants you to acknowledge that their website includes fictitious profiles and users.

They literally admit that they're creating fake dating profiles on their own website, unbelievable!

There are no real girls or any humans for that matter sending people email messages.

Everything is done automatically using computer software programs.

(Screen of a bogus email message we received.) The next email is from Love XXLucy_67, in her email she says "just be willing to fulfill my sexual needs. I wish you were here fuck my sweet juicy pussy." We've never spoken to this female in our lives but she makes it seem like we have some type of ongoing conversation which we don't.

I am a little bit picky but I was blown away by what I saw on your profile.

Conversations involve the sending and receiving of phony email messages from the fake "Fantasy Profiles" that the website themselves are building.

We have literally done hundreds of dating reviews and have exposed thousands of fake dating services and we've never ever received 1362 email messages on any website, ever!

We don't believe that for a minute, we know it's all a lie and were screaming at the top of our lungs telling the world that My Daily Fling is a huge fraud.

And they admit on the front page of their website that's the purpose of the website is to enable conversation between fictitious profiles and users.

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The thing is you can't email anyone back unless you purchase credits on the website.

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