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The show also features several permanent residents of the islands who have been searching for treasure there for a long time.

They also feature independent researchers who discuss theories such as North African gold, and an old French map of the island that could detail potential treasure sites.

According to various sources, he is single and has never married.

He is very close to his family, and shares the same passion for Oak Island, even stating that the place is a complicated engineering problem.

The show also sheds light onto the history of the island, discoveries and theories.

There are numerous notable areas on the island aside from the money pit, including Borehole 10-x, and Nolan’s Cross.

Online dates, blind dates, and the latest in ridiculous dating apps all make it hard to see people for who they really are.

De unge utrænede voksne ved derfor ikke altid, hvad de skal stille op.

The show which would be called “The Curse of Oak Island” follows the two as they make efforts to find what could possibly be hidden in Oak Island.

A few of the most popular theories surrounding the island include natural sinkholes, which is the reason for the money pit, and that there is actually no treasure in the island. His father’s fascination for Oak Island began after they read a 1965 issue of “Reader’s Digest” which detailed the investigation into the so-called Oak Island Money Pit.

Others believe that pirate treasure from Captain Kidd is located on the island along with other items such as masonic artifacts and Marie Antoinette’s jewels. His father became a successful businessman, founding the oil and gas exploration company Terra Energy which he later sold to CMS Energy for million.

The family also owns a large wind turbine company, which is considered the largest in the state of Michigan, and which Alex also takes some time to help manage that business.

The family take some time off work and can be seen at various events including big sports events in the state.

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He also works with the Oak Island Tours Company, and manages the tours on the island.

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