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This week we cover a few bullet points from last Tuesday's monthly Windows patches, as well as some annoyance that the patches caused for Windows 7 users.We track some interesting ongoing ransomware news and look at the mixed blessing of fining companies for self-reporting breaches.Google's announced plans to add data breach notification to Chrome.We look at a surprising Apple i OS v12.4 regression (whoops!This week we look at last week's monthly Patch Tuesday and its collision with third-party AV add-ons.We examine four years of Kaspersky unique web user tracking.This week we start off with something bad that we unfortunately saw coming.

And a huge thanks to AOL Radio for hosting the high-quality MP3 files and providing the bandwidth to make this series possible.We have a quick bit of miscellany and some terrific SQRL news.Then we look at a recent and quite sobering report from Sophos about attacks on exposed RDP servers.We look again at Tavis Ormandy's discovery of the secret undocumented CTF protocol, wondering WTF is CTF?We note a new and devastating strategy in the ransomware battle which hit Texas last Friday.

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