Delete my christian dating account internet dating site for gamers

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There is a membership contribution in order to be full member, and then you can create your profile, add photo(s), contact people and lots more - Choose between the following options: - Membership for 6 months - 19.00 - Membership for 12 months - 25.00 Up Top Who is behind this Christian Dating Online profile System?Same people who operate the popular Christian Search Engine 'Kingdom Seek' The person who looks after both is a born-again Christian since 1974, 3-year bible training, missionary in several European countries incl.As I said earlier, deleting your plenty of fish account permanently is a little tricky task, You can easily deactivate or hide your plenty of fish account in just a few simple clicks.Follow the steps given below to temporarily deactivate or hide your plenty of fish account: Step1.'send message' - you send internal messages to this profile 'instant message' - works for people who are online at the same time as you, so you send instant messages to and fro, similar to a chat situation Up Top Do I have to enter my real name when creating a profile? Only when registering the first time, but this is not disclosed.When you create a profile, you just give a name to your profile, can be anything.There might be any reason because of which you no longer want your profile on Plenty Of Fish and want to know how to delete POF account.

Registration is only a small membership contribution and has many advantages like view more profiles, contact members, be contacted etc. Login to the system by clicking on 'Login' where you enter your login details, user and password into a form, and you're in.

The person is being sent a mail, to let them know of your interest.

This mail contains a link to your own profile, and so they can see if they want to get in touch with you.

Basically, there are two ways by which you can get rid of your Plenty of account ie, hiding your account profile and permanently delete POF account.

So before moving towards the exact methods of the above two mentioned ways, let’s have a look how these methods are different from each and what are the different consequences of each.

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Once your membership is approved and payment gone in you get login details, user and password, and you can login. Then you go to 'My Profile' (Link on top left of small menu bar), then you click on the arrow to create or modify your profile.