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So we're very happy to come out, do seven, and give it a big smack in the face. Minnie Driver: I honestly think that condensed trailer that you get at the beginning of any new season is enough to fill you in on where you're at.And really, if you just read a blurb that says, "A couple of con artists and their kids trying to steal the American dream, move into a rich neighborhood in Louisiana," you're kind of good to go.I mean, I think that's what's wonderful about our show is that you can explain it really quickly, it's high concept, and the characters are very immediate.And certainly, we pick up literally 15 seconds after where we left off at the end of season one, so you're coming straight in, in a really dramatic place. Eddie, you were talking about the tone of last season kind of jumping around.So I think it makes it like a tighter punch, and we're coming out now. And whilst we all support the writers, I would have loved to have done a full season. I think it's going to leave the audience wanting more, which is a really good way to end a season at all, and the addition of Jared Harris to our cast I think has added a kind of weight and a danger that's really fantastic.

It's quite a fine thing because there's an element of my thing where I can go up and both make things up in a second, which maybe is useful in . I really love the relationship between Wayne and Dahlia, and I was wondering how it's all going to evolve in season two? Well at the moment it's heading towards a sort of train wreck, and we won't wreck the train. They've been so much a unit and suddenly they're getting a taste of what it is to be, to exist separate from this nucleus.Even though this is going to be a seven episode season, are there any notions of doing a quick turnaround and launching into a third season well ahead of schedule? Minnie Driver: We might get picked up, we might not.Eddie Izzard: That's an FX kind of question really. Eddie Izzard: The network have their decisions based upon, they talk to the Oracle in Greece, and ... Eddie Izzard: John Landgraf is very passionate about this, and so we're very happy to be at FX.It's a drama with some quirky things going on in it.It's just very sure and it's dark and compelling, and it's a train ride. Eddie Izzard: We're keen to go on through the ninth season.

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A lot of it isn't, because it's too weird and surreal, and that one seemed to be an interesting scene where I could just sort of just go off slightly on a tangent and I seemed to reach some things which sort of fit without sounding too bizarro. Gregg just gives so much out of scenes that you're not expecting it from him. I've always thought that their ambition is similar, because they're quite different people, but they've got this ambition thing. And I think that's going to keep them together, and there's a love that's underneath it. And whilst that's obviously an integral part of being a human being, it is definitely what they discover about each other stuff to tear them apart. It's like they're choosing the individual over the whole in this season.