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Eq2 timorous deep updating environment map

Now the question is, where do you want to go for your XP?Level 1-6 (progression servers only) All players can start on the Isle of Refuge, but which version is determined by which alignment you chose based on your race.If you put the in wanderlust (and I do), you can meander all around Norrath exploring.Whether you want to detail an exact travel plan ahead of time or you just need an occasional glance to remind you of the choices, this guide will point out all the possibilities for where to go next.But even there you have choice: Unlike other games, this Golden Path merely points you toward signposts to nudge you in a possible direction.As long as you check in with the NPC at the appointed levels, you can go anywhere you want to obtain said levels.

Players who are level 32 or higher will notice the NPC Ole’ Man Silvers has a quest for them if they choose to visit the Highland Outpost in Butcherblock Mountains.The good news is you can simply pick differently on alts to experience things you miss — which coincidentally makes playing alts a new experience in more than just the class.Before breaking down the zones, let me first explain the lauded Golden Path just a bit more — especially since you won’t find anything by that name in game!The Golden Path was one way tried to help direct players when the choices of where to go and what to do got dizzying.Of course, you have to know where to find it to be able to start it!

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You can pick from any zone on the list in each level range and keep to that one, or move between them for something different.

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