Eurasian men dating speed dating locations and times

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Eurasian men dating

And even in the USA, a girl born to a white man and a Filipina would likely do well.

But I do worry what if we have sons and they live here in the USA.

They are therefore seen, with their different heights and facial features, as "exotic", with the added bonus of speaking the language fluently and knowing the culture better.

So, my focus here is as much on the future as it is on the here and now...

I've heard local Filipina women may be more interested in a man of mixed ancestry.

I plan to instill in our sons the values of strength, resilience and masculinity the same way I plan to instill in our daughters the values of femininity, modesty and activity.What worries me a little is our future sons, provided we are blessed to have any (which I truly hope for). As a result they will likely be shorter then my height of six feet but hopefully a little taller then the average Filipino man.And if they were to inherit my build, I also assume they'd be more masculine then most Filipino men.I tend to take these with a grain of salt naturally as I am sure it cannot be the voice of a majority speaking, but it still raises some points of concern for me. My wife's Filipina, relatively dark skinned and at below five feet, quite short even by Filipina standards.We as of now have one child, a daughter who is a newborn.

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For the little I know about Filipino history, I know it's still a heavily partitioned society, with a pecking order that favours old colonial ancestry, mostly Spanish but also French and German ancestry, and then Chinese and Korean/Japanese to a (much) lesser extent.

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