Executive dating executive business dating lovers

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Executive dating executive business dating lovers

Include geo-location which provides you with the site of the nearest book stores.User and his date could meet privately amidst the pleasant smell of books.Well, if one of the users prefer Sydney Sheldon and your match prefers the same, then wouldn’t they have a lot of common hot stuff to discuss.You can also provide locations of libraries, book stores and cafes with libraries as dating venue.

You can create matches between two people who share similar reading interest.

Whether they are after horror books, love stories, photography, spy books, murder mysteries or anything else.

Dating business ideas for book lovers can also include a section to type your favorite writers and authors and then provide a suitable match for you.

Having a partner to discuss their favorite author and book is a delight in its own way.

As book lovers live in somewhat imaginary world, thus your whole UI and graphics should be related and a little away from reality.

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