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Failblog dating page 30

The mother ended up getting her just desserts - and we're pretty sure the experience was more delicious than free ice cream. These funny tidbits are for people who like their educational comedy with a little extra edge. If so, then it's time for you to browse through these memes and quietly berate your boss while you pretend to work.

We've been talking a lot about entitled cheapskates and this story really takes the cake where scum like that is concerned.It was later revealed that the whole scheme to expose Watson was a ruse set up by an anti-4chan publicist group (which may in and of itself be another hoax).That's a sentence that has a basis in reality, so ponder that for a moment.Now think about how these people have the power of social media at their fingertips.At least in the past stupid people didn't have a platform to share their asinine views with the entire world!

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