Fender squire stratocaster dating

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Fender squire stratocaster dating

Essentially, Fender did continue producing their standard model of Squier Strat in Japan, but it was promoted to full Fender status to avoid an impossible battle for sales against the massively cheaper Korean-made Squiers.

This meant that by 1988, no Squier-branded quitars were coming out of Japan.

If you wanted a new Squier Strat, it would be made in Korea, out of plywood.

For a while, it was one long party for Fender as the MIK Squier Strat relentlessly topped the sales charts, month after month.

The new Japanese Squier would accordingly make it very difficult for any Korean Strat copyist to climb the price ladder.

THE SILVER SERIES STRATS IN DETAIL The first Squier Strats to come into the UK from Japan in the 1990s were the Hank Marvin models – maple neck and Salmon Pink finish only.

But they weren’t confined to one colour, and they came with a choice of either a maple neck or a rosewood fretboard.And as is typical with models long out of production, information on these instruments has been getting more cloudy by the year.Accordingly, using a combination of my own first hand experience with the guitars, and original printed promotional/editorial matter from January 1992 to July 1995, I'd like to present a properly referenced account of the exclusively Japanese-made Silver Series Strat. The first Squier Silver Series Strats did not have a 'Silver Series' identifier on the headstock.They wanted to produce higher budget guitars, and trade on quality and value, rather than purely price.In order to take sales away from the likes of Fender whilst promoting the superiority of their own product, Korean manufacturers (Young Chang in particular), homed in on the Squier’s plywood construction, and used it as a negative marketing ploy in their ads.

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At some point, Kennis Russell bought a used Stratocaster at his local guitar shop.

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