Finedrive 400 updating procedures

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In this mode, the laser generates a low-intensity laser beam that is again focused on the tracks of the rotating disc.

11, 1993 now abandoned, which is a continuation of U. Subsequently, when the operator desired to reproduce or read the previously recorded information, the laser enters a second operating mode.

Thus, it is necessary to mount a magnetic field biasing device where it may be conveniently placed in close proximity to the disc surface when the disc is held in position by the magnet associated with the spindle.

A variety of media or disc types are used in optical data storage systems for storing digital information.

For example, standard optical disc systems may use 51/4 inch disks, and, these optical disks may or may not be mounted in a protective case or cartridge.

Such a mechanism may comprise a door link that makes contact with a locking tab, thereby unlocking the shutter.

As the cartridge is inserted further into the drive, the shutter is opened to partially expose the information recording medium contained therein.

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Optical data storage systems are becoming an increasingly popular means for meeting this expanding demand.

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