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Sometimes you can’t think of any questions to ask and every time you try to keep things moving, the conversation fizzles and you’re left awkwardly looking at your surroundings. Everyone loves to laugh and doing so has a number of benefits, including making us feel more comfortable when we’re nervous. Nice work but slacking will ruin your relationship. Sure, you might have to think about things like you’ve never thought about them before, but you’ll learn quite a bit about yourself and more importantly, the person you’re talking to. So when you find yourself in a situation like this, use these 8 best funny, but deep questions to ask and you’ll be excited with where they take you. Maybe you’re dealing with some anxiety or maybe you simply can’t seem to find a way to connect with the person you’re talking to. And even if you’re not known as “the funny guy“, if you keep a few of these funny questions to ask up in that noggin of yours (or even whip this article out when you’re with company), you’ll always have something hilarious to say. If you stop trying as hard to make her happy as you did in the beginning, you’re only going to push her away. Everyone has a new viewpoint to offer and asking deep questions is the best way to discover a new way of looking at things. They’ll keep the conversation very interesting but also lighthearted and fun. There is no limit to the type of question game questions you can ask.

This one will never fail to bring about a good story. Whenever I need something, I could just pull it out of my magic pants pockets. Here are the 10 best funny conversation topics: PSA: Never put water on a grease fire. You could shrink an encyclopedia and be the coolest kid in town. Would you rather questions are ridiculously fun to ask. It’s a funny way to seal the deal if you know if a girl likes you. Everyone has to wear their underwear on their head. You’re not going to start a conversation without conversation starters and using funny conversation starters is a perfect way to get the ball rolling. Lots of establishments have pictures of employees on their walls. They’re perfect for delving into your conversational partner’s mind and steering the conversation into a more absurd and hilarious direction. Use your hands to smush your face together for a giggle. Depending on where you want the conversation to go, there are countless conversation topics to choose from, from the basic getting to know you questions to the existential. So here are conversation topics to get your mind geared towards the silly and ridiculous. If he/she doesn’t want to share it, you’ll have to share something first. Would you rather have sunglasses or shirts be obsolete? And funny questions to ask a girl are hilarious and bound to keep her interested. In general, you’re going to have more success with these questions if you have your own story to share. Well this is embarrassing…Maybe that dream where you forget to put on pants actually happened to someone. Go T spoiler alert: The Boltons are dead, thank goodness. Annoy everyone by shouting or be annoyed that no one can hear you. Whatever you choose, at least you’ll have a protein-rich breakfast every morning. Your doodles in class won’t doodle themselves but you could be a legend among your classmates if you’re not afraid to boogie. Here are the best 14 funny questions to ask a girl: The only time this could backfire is if she doesn’t have a sense of humor.

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