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Funny introduction lines dating

If you look uninterested and a complete prude, you're no good to anyone. I originally learned this from real estate sales training, but guess what? Typcially, I'd try to do this politely by saying, "Have a nice day" or something similar and then walking away.

Its alright that you're not smiling every second because that's just plain weird, but its alright to laugh and smile when it feels right. I'm not a dating expert by any means, but I think I've got this part down. Start off by making eye contact with her and smile.

You can try complimenting something like "Hey, I like your shirt" or something, but nothing having to do with her body... And if things are going well, suggest that you two meet for coffee sometime, and ask her for her number.

If you are at the bar, just start off by asking what she's drinking (if it's not obvious). If you are in the gardening section of Homedepot, ask her if she's got a garden. If you say something stupid, like "What are you drinking" and she's holding a budlight, she'll think you're dense, unless you can spin it into something funny (a bonus). Say it with confidence, with a smile, while making eye contact (important). Here is some help link removed link removed link removed And always remember that the way you do it is much more important than what you say. Don't worry or care about what her reaction might be.

That immediately tells them that you're anticipating the situation too much and that they can too easily say things to sway your mind. No matter what you say, follow it up with a nice, big smile why maintaining eye contact. If she's willing to return it, that might give some clues. I have the potential to be humorous and a sweet talker with a GF, but when I first meet someone, I want to keep it simple, friendly, and polite.

If they approve, you'll be all bright eyed and wagging your tail like a dog, but if they reject you you'll be cowering away with your tail between your legs. Then based on her reactions, you can determine whether to keep talking, or start walking. - if she wants to talk, then listen to her, then respond to what she's just said.

Whenever I see a girl who I like, no matter what the situation...

Maybe you don't think that's how it will appear, but your reaction will say EVERYTHING. That's the start of a conversation where you listen first, talk second.

Here are some key points to remember when approaching women: - eye contact (strong & controlled, not long and creepy) - voice (do your best to not be too quick with your speech) - appearance (dress nicely, nails cleaned and cut, hair done nicely, eyebrows and nose hairs plucked.) - breath (gum or mints are always a thing to have on hand) And remember that its more about your personality and your ability to stand strong. I think many women would find it refreshing to meet a guy who listens to them. If she doesn't want to have a conversation, then walk away.

Humour and humbleness go hand and hand AND they prefer that a man can make light of the little things instead of trying to brag about his "big things". If she returns the favor, then thats your sign to approach her.

Just walk up to her, and say "Hi" or something else sincere.

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