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These manifest files, rather than registry keys, direct the activation of an object.Using registration-free activation for your assemblies instead of registering them during deployment offers two advantages: This section describes the two types of manifests needed for registration-free COM interop: application and component manifests. An application manifest, which is created by an application developer, contains metadata that describes assemblies and assembly dependencies.Meet new people, have fun talking to random interlocutors, and enjoy your time with the cam to cam Random video chat !Talk to strangers and meet new friends from around the world with random video chat.Here, you will be able to talk to them in real time and in a neutral territory where there is no pressure.You will share a chat room with other Indian singles, so if things do not go the way you planned with the person you invited, you can always strike up a conversation with someone else.You can just start chatting by clicking on find will connect randomly with online user.✓ Chat as a anonymous, it didn't show or share any personal or other detail to stranger.✓ When you quite call with any user.

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A component manifest, created by a component developer, contains information otherwise located in the Windows registry.

how can I generate this files (_i.h and _h.c) from my dll .

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