How accurate is conception dating Librarysex mobile chat

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How accurate is conception dating

I had an ultrasound on 4/26 that dated me 11wks, 2d CRL 45mm with EDD 11/12.Ultrasound on 5/14 dated me 14weeks, 0days with CRL 82mm with EDD 11/12.For an OBGYN: LMP: 10/11, EDD: 7/20 (all first trimester ultrasounds at 6-13 weeks have given a range of 7/18-7/22)Positive Preg Test: 11/10/2014First Trimester Scan: CRL 62.6mm at 13 weeks GAAll Second Trimester Scans: 18/20 weeks, have given range of 7/20-7/22 (GA was in line with measurements)Conception points to: 10/25 -10/29 Questions:1.

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Those would also help in consolidating my opinion, which says, please do not be anxious, you cannot have conceived in September. Does interaction without penetration generally lead to preg? Interaction without penetration rarely leads to a pregnancy. Just curious about the question I asked earlier, is late conception something that occurs often? Hi Dr Aarti, Can you please advise on my following concerns: I've noticed that I can't find your credentials and I noticed that your picture is being used on a different site with a different last name.

I'm attaching my 1/12 first trimester scan for reference. The encounters, if spaced out less than 10 days, can be confusing. Else I would have asked you to go for a paternity test. As you can understand I'm just a little nervous since I don't know about your exact qualifications.

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If the baby comes early does the conception range change? The confusion arose because my surname changed after marriage and it must not have been updated on the other site. Then you had a period ( or you fear implantation bleeding ) again on the 8th, just 3 days later , which is unheard of.