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How to improve dating skills

Getting laid via online dating requires online dating skill real-life dating skill.(For you touchy Thrill of the Hunt types, you’re right, it’s still not a cold approach, so in the past I’ve called it “dating game” for lack of a better term.) This breakdown is represented in my overall dating system chart here: So here are the five master skills you must learn for online dating, that is, your ability to use dating sites / apps to schedule first dates with women you find at least cute whenever you need to.They are listed in no particular order, since they are all required. Photo Skill Notice I said “photo skill” and not “photography.” I don’t know shit about photography.I just know how to construct a photo that makes me look as good as humanly possible without actually having to Photoshop it. Having good photo skill means you know how to have photos with the best colors, clothing and background (since every guy is different in this regard). It means you know what lighting and depth of field is best for your face and body.

I’ve had many women reschedule or cancel first dates with me who ended up as long-term s.With it broken down this way, surely you can see this is a complicated part of life you don’t simply get “lucky” or “unlucky” at, right?It should follow quite logically that you can be bad or good at each of these steps.Failure to do any one of those things, and you’re done. of these are high-pressure offers and are not good ideas (unless you’re choosing to do something very different outside of my system). Follow-Up Too many guys think that once the date is scheduled and agreed to, your job is done, and all you need to do is just show up. It’s your job to follow up with her as many times as is needed (based on how long it will be until you actually have your first date/meet).Once she agrees, you also need to make sure the logistics are in place. You’ll need her to double-check the time so she didn’t forget about some other commitment. This ensures that the first date will have the highest odds of actually occurring.

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If you can’t schedule dates online, or you can only schedule them with women you find ugly or average, that means you are lacking in one or more of these skills.

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