Java validating email address

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Java validating email address

This is because the domain could exist, or even an MX record for that domain can exist in DNS, but neither of these conditions can guarantee that the address is I don't know if there is an automatically way in Java. If a MX record exists the domain can potentially get mails. I think there are no exactly effective way to vefy it. all we can do is to vefy the pattern, or more you vefy the mail domain such as SMTP do has a command 'VEFY' but almost all smtp server doesn't implement this command for security reason. Keep your mailing lists free of invalid, risky and mistaken email addresses. And keep your critical emails out of your clients' junk folder with email verification by Verifalia.You can and should check every email address before sending a message.

Validating email address using regular expressions is tricky and is often not recommended. A valid email address as defined by RFC 2822 can be quite complex.Do you need to validate or verify an email address?Our free email address validator will help you do that in seconds.And then I verify if its a valid email address or not.Like "[email protected]" would be valid, but "[email protected]@org" would be invalid.

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A common mistake is to implement an email address parser on your own, using a regular expression or something similar.