Jay byars and chelsea meissner dating

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Jay byars and chelsea meissner dating

He lays around doing nothing at camp, then decides after spending time at Exile he's gonna throw a challenge so his tribe could get rid of Kelley...without even discussing it with anyone.

She helped bring some life to Solana in the beginning...having really weird conversations with Jefra .Most Memorable Moment: Turning on Jeremiah right after the tribe swap Days 1 to 8 Angie also had that cute factor, and I honestly think she got screwed over by being on the flop tribe of Matsing, cause I think she would have gone quite a bit further otherwise.Every time she opened her mouth something unexpected would come out..wanting cookies Most Memorable Moment: Days 1 to 8 Oh Randy, probably one of the worst social players ever in this game, but it's hilarious.Her floppiness is why she is so entertaining...surviving vote after vote before the merge, yet being the one that was consistently causing her tribe to lose.I also really liked her obliviousness..even realizing she basically followed Steph's every word.

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She was constantly fighting with Dave over every single little thing, seeing as Dave is my least favorite from China this definitely gave her brownie points for me in trying to slay him and convince everyone he was crazy.