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Kimberly "Kim" Pine is Scott's ex-girlfriend and also the drummer for Sex Bob-omb, Scott's band.

During gigs (or even just when practicing at home) Kim counts in the band, usually by screaming some variation of: "We are Sex Bob-omb!!

Scott and Kim became very close, to the point of even having sex in her car (as in the flashback in Vol.He later comes to her rescue again, though this time, Scott runs back to see Ramona.At the end of volume 5, Kim decides to move back home to Northern Ontario and accepts Scott's apology for everything that's happened between them.However, Kim rejects Scott revealing to him not everything in high school was perfect and that he had hurt her.He gets the glow while fighting Negascott in order to forget the whole ordeal.

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In the modern story, Kim expresses annoyance at Scott's many faults and generally tries to forget that she dated him, but she still feels some repressed affection for him and puts up with a lot of his crap.

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