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first aired on Showtime, and two since it ended its third and final season.Whether you loved the reality show about lesbians or loved to hate it, the women involved were representatives of our community for anyone who might have tuned in for the girl-girl relationship drama and uncensored sex.” Instead, they’d find her going to church.“In high school I was the President of the Christian Club, so I’m back on campus teaching a weekly bible study that I started almost 20 years ago,” Raquel said.“Serving in ministry has always been one of my passions so being able to pray for and encourage high school students is one of the highlights of my life.”Raquel says she’s been single ever since the show ended, though she did run into ex Mikey recently at the grocery store.“Looking back at the show it was like a really fun and crazy week at Dinah Shore summer camp!And just like summer camp, I will miss it,” she said.Raquel is glad she participated on the show, saying, “Everything we go through in life can help another person. I’m really glad I did it and I would do it all over again.Our deepest hurts, our greatest disappointments and our happiest times can be the very thing that helps to inspire someone else. I’m really grateful I got the chance to share my story.We’re paying homage to the ladies who make your hands clammy, your knees quiver and send your hormones spinning… Each week we’ll be bringing you a Dyke Icon ( Billie Myers has quite the voice and quite the story…

“It’s amazing to see how far our country has come, but we still need to fight for marriage equality in all 50 States.”There have been a lot of changes in their lives since they shared their story, including a move from West Hollywood to the Valley.

GO: Whitney and Sada, you were part of the entire run of The Real L Word. It’s basically a crash course in a personal self-help workshop, really.

I think it made me mature faster, and it made me realize what I wanted and what was important to me at a faster rate.

This was just the start of a few turbulent years that saw Billie diagnosed with depression.

But she’s back with a new album, a new label and being unapologetically Billie…

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Together they continue to host girl parties like Juicy at Rage in West Hollywood and head up an e-commerce line called Cloth & Justice.