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Lippincott dating medications when opened

These include: Chondrosarcomas behave in different ways, but many are low grade tumors.The cells in these tumors look and behave like normal cartilage with only a small amount of abnormality.In general, low grade tumors have an excellent prognosis, with a small chance of recurrence and virtually no chance of disease spread.Risks increase as the grade of the tumor increases, with de-differentiated tumors having the highest risk of recurrence and metastasis and a poor survival rate.Limb salvage surgery is a common treatment technique, and amputation is only used occasionally for advanced or recurrent disease.Studies have been done and are underway to measure the effectiveness of intralesional curettage surgery, which is a less aggressive surgery that removes less tissue, on low grade chondrosarcomas.

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy is sometimes considered for patients with recurrent, metastatic or dedifferentiated disease.These studies show that certain low grade tumors respond well to this type of surgery, which has excellent functional results for patients.The issue of how to best deal with low grade chondrosarcoma is controversial and is covered in depth in this article.Doctors use the results of the biopsy and imaging studies to develop a patient's treatment plan.Complete surgical removal of the tumor, along with a wide margin of healthy tissue, has historically been the preferred treatment of chondrosarcoma.

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