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Muslim dating agency uk

Although traditional dating websites like have been around for years, the trendier way to be exposed to potential suitors now lies in Minder and Muzmatch.Both let you personalise your marriage time frame, the kind of Muslim you’re looking for (as there are different tenets) and your level of Islamic practice i.e how religious you consider yourself to be.She also says over the years she’s noticed certain habits that are off-putting, such as men who are babied by their mothers a lot.If she doesn’t find someone to her taste, she says, she is content with her independence.The founder of Minder, which has 250,000 users, tells uk that he was inspired to create the app having seen the difficulties of dating as a Muslim.Haroon Mokhtarzada says: ‘Fundamentally in the west we have a density problem where you simply don’t bump into enough Muslims on a daily basis.

I’ve also been on Muzmatch and single Muslim websites in the past.The site has proved so successful among Muslim men that another site, this time for Westerners, has opened for business – and is especially popular with women.Bolstered by the site’s success, Chaiwala has also launched a dating service for all faiths,, a website which carries the banner "Welcome to the world of polygamy" - which has attracted more than 7,000 members since it launched earlier this year.Users are greeted by a picture of a beaming, multi-cultural family and the proclamation: "We want bigger, stronger families." Speaking to the Sunday Mercury Chaiwala claimed polygamy across all religions is more popular than it has ever been.The East Midlands businessman intends to use Second to find two more partners – but admits his Leicester wife has concerns.

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