Oshwal speed dating

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Oshwal speed dating

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I remember being around some members of Suraj’s family and having the Mickey taken out of me. Vissa is close to the word Viss which means 20 and Dasa is close to the word Das which means 10. Back in the day, I was told that the Navnats treated the Oshwals badly.

For example, the sari that the bride is given by the groom’s side, on her wedding day is called a gad choru. As the Oshwal population was much larger than the rest of the VANIA put together, they formed their own community and excluded all others. Navnat includes 9 sects of VANIA excluding the Oshwals. There is a town called OSSIA and those who came from there became OSHWAL.

If a member of the Oshwal community wanted a drink, they had to bend with their hands cupped together as the Navnatee poured water into their hands so they could drink.

See the thing is, there’s a bit of a joke now between Suraj and I and whoever else is around; whereby we say ‘It must be a you lot thing’ OR ‘It must be an us lot thing’.

Unfortunately, those who weren’t around for the previous conversations are taking offence to this banter.

However, although it’s a joke, as with most humour, it’s based on a truth.

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It can cause an unnecessary split and create so much negativity. This year, politics about which community hall should be used; meant that we did not hold a joint event. So if you take anything away from this post, could it be that we should forget the past. Now they consider themselves higher than DASA SHRIMALI.