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I dont understand the legality of police forces assisting a TV show.I would have thought that that kind of shit would taint the evidence. I'm having trouble finding a cite other than Wikipedia for this right now though. It's a popular show, there are a lot of clips of it on youtube (though there are many satirical versions on youtube so be aware you might come across one of those).Imagine if a man invited a woman to her home and they had sex, and then she found out later he had recorded it and was selling it. If a person invites you into their premises, there is an assumed element of trust, which is why if you fall and break your leg due to their negligance you can sue them for it.It reminds me a bit of an episode of The Outer Limits where reality tv meets law enforcement for the sake of tv ratings, with obviously bad consequences.A show like Cops is different because you are just observing law enforcement, sort of like how you can view a public trial.

I think one guy even got 6 years, but the judge thought he was lying in court or something.

TBH, as much as I disliked the show (I watched it only because I was subtitling it) I never felt sorry for the paedophiles.

They weren't led into what they were saying or doing - it was all their choice and their own words.

One of the victims committed suicide ( while the crew were waiting outside his house.

I'm not defending men who chat with teenage girls on the internet, but ruining people's lives for TV spectacle seems sinister to me.

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Dateline worked with Perverted-Justice to run these stings, and the logs of each and every chat are available at their website.