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— This worksheet is designed to assist people in recognizing when their self-image is negatively impacted by the conflicts in their relationship.People are asked to identify the negative self-statements they make after a conflict and the negative emotions these statements evoke.It helps people examine the causes of these feelings and what they can do to get closure. (depression, PTSD, bi-polar) Are You Anxious About Dating?— This worksheet can be used with people who have social anxiety to help them overcome symptoms that may keep them from dating.(social anxiety, shyness, criticism, 1218) Reducing Over-Stimulation to Focus on Yourself — This worksheet is designed to help people reduce stress in their lives by paying attention to how much time they spend emailing, using social media, and participating in listening and watching various media.(101518, mindfulness, anxiety) How Do Your Relationship Conflicts Affect Your Self-Image?

Form Type: PDF (0415) ACT, DBT Developing Flexible and Compassionate Thinking — This worksheet is designed to help people consider how they think about others.Type: PDF (1014) Acting Opposite to Your Impulses — If you find that your emotions are causing you to behave in ways which are self-defeating, you can use this worksheet to find out what happens if you do the opposite of what you would normally do.(DBT, CBT, Behavior Program, 1016) Treat Yourself Like a Good Friend — This worksheet is designed to help people understand the importance of self-compassion and to treat themselves as they would a good friend.(CBT, DBT) Learning to Accept Reality — Learning to accept reality is an important part of living in the present.Distorting reality can lead to depression, anxiety, disappointment in your relationships and more.

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The worksheet uses the principles of exposure therapy to help people address this problem. — This worksheet is designed to help you determine the attachment style (secure, anxious, or avoidant) you bring to your important relationships.

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