Patti feinstein america dating coach

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Patti feinstein america dating coach

The worst that will happen to you is that they’ll yell at you and say they are disappointed. So don’t risk their trust and give them an easy reason to dislike him.

Furthermore, though you can’t control your boyfriend’s behavior, (and if he’s a good guy he’ll probably do this without saying) remind him of the importance of good manners and being respectful.

Tell your boyfriend to tell your parents about what he’s studying, about his job, sports, and hobbies says Feinstein.

Once you’ve done all this, Bogle recommends trying to arrange the first meeting somewhere where he won't be under a spotlight.

Somewhere your parents can still check him out but won’t make him feel on trial.

“Consider a larger family BBQ or something where your boyfriend can blend in a little bit, while still getting in some quality time,” advises Bogle. Many girls introduce their boyfriends to their parents at dinner.

She helps single people understand why their methods may not be working and helps to turn it around for positive results.

Do your boyfriend a favor by also clueing him in on conversation topics (like politics and religion) he should stay away from, but also by letting him know where your parents stand on certain issues.It’s also best not to put too much pressure on your boyfriend.Immense pressure can cause even more nervousness that can lead to awkward silences and forced conversation. Pressuring him to fit a perfect mold doesn’t help anything.HC knows you’re smart enough not to share a bed with him if your parents aren’t cool with it, but if they give rules like a curfew, listen to them and come home on time.If you decide to break your parents’ rules, guess who they’ll banish from your house…your boyfriend.

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