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At the opposite end is a fipple or block, similar to that used in a recorder.

Tabor pipes are widespread throughout the globe, found on most continents and in many countries.

One exception is the Chesapeake pipe bearing the initials DK, in which the pipemaker used a hand-held tool to produce the rouletted initials and other decorative designs. Identification of makers' marks There are many varieties of marked pipes uncovered during the excavation of 17th and 18th-century historic sites.

Therefore, the most important step in identifying a makers' mark is to first look at the pipe fragment from which it came.

The fife and drum are associated with military marching.

The pipe and tabor has a much longer history and is associated with civilian music and Court etiquette.

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The fife, however, is a transverse (side-blown) flute, whereas the pipe is a fipple flute.

The fife requires two hands, and thus the drummer must be a separate person.

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We can see medieval representations of pipe and tabor in sculptures and illuminations from XIII century.