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Polycom stuck on updating initial configuration

At this point I needed to create some configuration (provisioning) files which the IP phones would download.

The first file You’ll need to substitute the IP address above ( with the IP address of the personal computer that will be running TFTPD32.

Enter sign in credentials and sign in to the device.

The BTo E status will now change from “Activated” to “Paired”.

Polycom has now made the VVX series phones as Lync Server Compatible.

The latest firmware version 5.0.1 Supports more Lync features such as PIN Authentication and update the device using Lync Server device update platform like the rest of the CX series.

Now that you have all the files you’ll need for the upgrade, you can start the TFTPD32 executable.

You should see a window similar to the figure to the right.

The user experience of this is same as the CX Series tether via the USB cable but in this case, it use the Ethernet connection.

I was utilizing the DHCP server built into my Verizon Fi OS router so I had to set the TFTP server manually via the IP phone configuration. As the IP phone boots up it will request an IP address from the DHCP server and it will check the TFTP serve.

The IP phone should download the 1120(or 1140of 1165depending on the model).

I was presented with the challenge today of updating the recorded after-hours message of many Lync Response Group workflows through Power Shell.

The process wasn’t well documented anywhere, so I thought I’d publish our end solution.

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You should download the software for the appropriate model you’ll be working with.