Quotes about your ex dating a new girl

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Quotes about your ex dating a new girl

It’s even more difficult when the two of you have shared numerous wonderful moments with each other.

But people change so breaking up is sometimes the only solution.

My only regret is that those items don’t bear his autograph.” Natalya Vorobyova“Sometimes we must undergo hardships, breakups, and narcissistic wounds, in order to discover […] that the loss of a cherished pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true happiness and well-being.” Jean-Yves Leloup“It is so strange, to encounter an ex.

It’s as if you’re in a foreign film, and what you’re saying face-to-face has nothing to do with the subtitles flowing beneath you.

I will merely serve as a memory to you: the lover that recited love poems.

I must go now and I urge you not to look back.” Kamand Kojouri“It was funny how all the useless knowledge you accumulated when you’re in love with someone could sit for years gathering dust in the back of your mind, only to spill out at the slightest reminder.” Blakney Francis“This morning, I woke up different. I might still love you, I might still miss you, but I’m better off without you.

Easily tossed along when something flashier or someone prettier comes along.Maybe I was smarter than he was all along, because that was something I’d always known.” Lorraine Zago Rosenthal“A deceitful man will go as far as to trample all over a woman’s reputation and spirit, in order to prove to his ex-love that he was faithful.The irony is he is still in love with his ex and the new woman in his life doesn’t even realize it.” Shannon L.Your heart I held so carefully, I see, this was all just a game.” Coco J.Ginger“Gone are the summer days and my mind along with them.

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