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Or at least can I somehow manually set the date's in the Date Time Pickers?

So I have a Rad Panel Bar, and within that a Rad Tree View. but for some reason my events are taking long to fire..

Should I use the On Client Node Expand event instead?

I cannot personally justify the difficulty of finding this workaround, but I know someone will find it valuable. NET box with Auto Postback="true" on my page was causing an ajax postback twice through the Rad Ajax Manager, and it took me a long time to figure out why.

If you created a little test page that fires an alert in a textbox's onchange event, you'll notice a difference in behavior between IE and Firefox.

For example, put this element into an otherwise blank page.

When the request completed, I wanted the textbox control that caused the postback to have an empty value.At first I was seeing the loading panel on the first postback but never again and in certain configurations based on examples, I did not see it appear at all.Finally, I was able to get it all to work within Share Point.If I submit the form and there are validation errors, the controller returns to this view, but the Date Time Pickers are blank, they don't save the selected date's.Is there any possibility to prevent the Date Time Pickers from loosing their date's after postback?

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So, I set the Auto Postback property of the textboxes to True, created Ajax Settings to have the results panel and the search panel (where the textboxes live) update when one of the textboxes caused a postback.

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