Research on intuition in dating

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Research on intuition in dating

Maybe you need emotional or psychological healing (Heart Blossoms), or creative fire (Soul Blossoms). The more you heed your Creator’s lead, happier and healthier you’ll be.One of the most common comments I get from readers is, “I saw the warning signs, but I ignored them because I love him!Trust and validation in the face of a different dominant view is a unique gift type-aware Sensing types can offer their Intuitive partners.And who doesn’t want to be able to remind their partner they’re valued and appreciated?The ideas generated in your Intuitive world are of interest to Sensing types, but they might go unheard if not couched in the concrete language and approach of someone who prefers Sensing.If you’re someone who prefers Sensing (and especially spends time in a Sensing-dominated environment – think engineering or computer science), it can be easy to let the personal congruency between your preferences and environment make abstract (and Intuitive) ideas seem all the more foreign.

But how do you trust your intuition if you never learned how — or if you trusted your instincts in the past and made a huge mistake?

“I’ve been dating a man for about two years,” says Chantelle on How to Know if You Can Trust Someone in a New Relationship. He thinks everything about our relationship is great. I don’t think he’s my forever guy but I can’t seem to break it off.

“He’s my first serious relationship after my marriage fell apart five years ago. Intellectually we don’t really have much to talk about. My intuition is telling me he’s not the best match, but I can’t seem to make a move.” The Blossom Tip: When you’re in love — or even just tentatively starting a new relationship with a man — you’ll feel many different emotions. Give God time to speak, guide, and lead you into the right conversations and decisions. Listen for your intuition — for God’s still, small voice.

By introducing wrong or blame into a situation, not only does the other person often become defensive, but it excludes valuable new ideas and perspectives.

In a world that (often) defaults to the Sensing perspective, this can be particularly jarring for people with a preference for Intuition, leaving them feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

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Whether you have a preference for Intuition or for Sensing, living in a Sensing-dominated environment comes with unique challenges for flexing and bringing the richness of the Intuitive perspective into the dialogue.

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