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27 years old Kayla Quick was born in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Her father Gerald Quick served in US army and he was also reported in criminal activities. It is reported that just at the age of 18, Kayla started her job as a stripper for four months in a Tampa Bay strip club.

However, considering the photos where they are seen together, we can say with confidence that they are really romantic and look great together.

According to Radar Online, Kayla was charged with theft of her sick grandmother’s jewelry along with her then-boyfriend Justin Hendley.

Many believe that she has had short time relationship with many guys throughout the years.

UPDATE 01/21/2015: We’re hearing rumors that Sergio Romo’s wife Chelsea Romo is now apparently his ex-wife.

Although the rumors of Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick dating each other began to emerge last year, none of them confirmed it at the beginning.

Moreover, her sister has also been arrested for a similar reason, possession of controlled substances Xanax and Stilnox.After two divorces and one broken engagement, Michael Strahan is now dating Kayla Quick. But what she is known more for is her criminal records and her relationship with Michael.Well, let’s have a closer look at the life and personal details of Michael Strahan’s beautiful girlfriend.Now when you come to know Kayla herself has been arrested several times, you are going to have really bad thoughts about Michael’s girlfriend. At the age of 14, Kayla was arrested for disorderly conduct after she got into a fight in her hometown.In a later incident, Kayla’s grandmother Margaret Cox, who was then returning home from recuperating from an illness couldn’t find her jewelry worth 00.

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Sergio Romo’s path to the majors has been a standard journey fraught with stops in the minors and plenty of bus rides between AA stadiums. Sergio Romo’s wife Chelsea Romo gave birth to the couples first child while she was still in college. Sergio and Chelsea spent their early years of marriage apart while he toured the South on his low ball tour of duty, and Chelsea was in Arizona for school.

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