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Rules for dating my teenage son

While this is not a hard and fast rule, it should be a good rule of thumb. Since this is a list for boys, they are looking for someone to be their wife.

If you are not serious about being ready to get married you should not really be dating. While is still mostly stand behind it, I think putting an arbitrary age on it is a bit problematic.

If you are one of these free spirits who feels you don’t need any rules, trust me: You need them.

Without them, the household will resemble Day One in the Bible: Formless chaos, which is never a good thing. An older child can wash dishes after snacking or eating.

Keep in mind that a person is never truly free to say yes, if they are not also truly free to say no.

My wife and I started dating early and at that point in time I really was looking for someone to marry.

I think the age limit really needs to be more of a maturity limit. Let me clarify here, dating is not the same as going out with a mixed group of boys and girls, even if there is some obvious pairing.

This is just a short list but it should give you a good starting point: There is a flip side to this of course. But some young women do so because they feel that is the only way they can get and hold your attention. But I think that there needs to be a level of understanding between you before you start dating.

The woman who you are dating should know how to act like a lady. Let her know that you have more respect for her than that. First, thinking that asking a persons parents means that they are then going to say yes to you is a mistake.

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