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Sahyanovagmail com dating

” I responded She held her hands up to her ears “La la la la laaaaaa la la la la laaaaaaa.” Eh, I figured Maddy could set her straight The covers moved back so slowly I wouldn’t have noticed if a knee shifting the mattress hadn’t accompanied it I inhaled slowly, keeping my breathing even so he wouldn’t know I was awake The scent of my man and the ocean hit my senses, sending a bout of lust and desire rushing through my body Still, I feigned sleep, more interested in knowing how he planned to work this surprise attack than announcing I knew he was there Something cool, but not cold, touched the nape of my neck and slid down in a slow caress over every bump in my spine I couldn’t help the shiver that followed “I know you’re awake, sweetheart.” Wes growled and then bit down on my ass cheek through my simple cotton briefs I hadn’t expected my fiancée the night before our wedding, because we’d agreed not to see one another the night before, as was tradition with normal bride/groom scenarios Usually, I wasn’t one for tradition, but it sounded sweet when Claire Channing had requested it And here my guy was, breaking the rules “We haven’t even gotten married yet, and you’re already breaking tradition?

” His fingers slipped into the sides of my panties and tugged them down my legs I remained on my belly, face to the side waiting for his next move If he was going to break the rules, he was going to all the work Then I could claim I was just a helpless victim and not the instigator “Like you care.” He scoffed and rubbed that cool item over my naked bum before pushed it between my thighs “Oh!

the vineyards She has been married to the love of her life for over a decade and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis When she’s not writing wickedly hot romances, doing yoga, or sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and feeds the soul You can contact Audrey below: Email: [email protected]: Twitter Goodreads .. CALENDAR GIRL: DECEMBER BOOK 12 AUDREY CARLAN CONTENTS Calendar Girl: December Copyright Dedication Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter... Also by Audrey Carlan For the Readers Acknowledgments About the Author CALENDAR GIRL: DECEMBER This book is an original publication of Audrey Carlan This is a work of fiction...

Audrey ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To Sarah Saunders, the original muse for our Mia Saunders In January 2016 you will give birth to the very real Mia Saunders, and I cannot begin to tell you how much that honors me, my writing, and this year-long journey I hope one day when she reads this serial she’ll love Mia as much as we I am thankful for the gift of you in my life To my husband, Eric, for surviving a full year of my writing this serial There is no shoulder more comfortable or more available than yours You are the only man I want to spend every day of my life with I will forever love you more To my editor, Ekatarina Sayanova with Red Quill Editing, LLC…I wish I’d met you at the beginning of my journey in this writing world Then again, perhaps not, because experiencing a variety of edits has taught me what I love and how special you are You make me excited to read every edit when I used to want to curl up in a ball and die when I’d get edits back Rebecca Cartee, your knowledge and expertise on bipolar disorder was incredible Thank you for helping me to express the complexities of the disease in a manner the readers can relate to ( To my extraordinarily talented personal assistant, Heather White (aka PA Goddess), you lift me up when I’m down, provide my misery company, get angry on my behalf if I feel slighted, as well as celebrate every achievement no matter how small Thank you for locking arms and walking by my side as I fumble through Love you, girl Any author knows they aren’t worth their weight unless their story is backed by badass betas I have the best!

Jeananna Goodall—I love how you see what I write as if the characters are living, breathing entities Sometimes I wonder if you see them better than I They come alive for you in a way that gives me hope for the people who will pick up one of my books Thank you for being a light in my world Ginelle Blanch—You are honest when others are not I have been told the same about myself It’s refreshing to find that in a person I appreciate all that you are and glory in the gift you give me with each book Thank you, my friend, for sticking with me through every book I’ve written to date Anita Shofner—You are kind, genuine, and a damn good beta I’m so grateful to have you at my back I hope everyone in your world knows the value of you at their back I sure and will never forsake it Thank you to the ladies at Give Me Books and Kylie Mc Dermott for spreading this book and the entire Calendar Girl series far and wide into the virtual social world!

Mind Blown Out of nowhere, a pair of arms circled my chest, tugging me into the warmth behind Wes’s chin nuzzled into the space at my neck and shoulder “Beautiful, isn’t it?

” I let out a slow breath “It’s so much more than that.” Wes kissed my neck, the heat from his skin tingling against mine “I’m glad you like it, since this is going to be our home for the next two and a half weeks.” His voice was a rumble I could feel through my back and in every pore “I will not be complaining,” I said, still awed at Mother Nature’s beauty He chuckled “You say that now Let us remember how much you like snow in a few days when we’re digging our car out of it.” I pursed my lips, which wrinkled my nose Wes loved when I did that Even now he glanced at me, smiled, and turned to lay a kiss on my cheek “How about some breakfast?

At least, not right now, when I’m only twenty-five In another couple years, I might think differently But by then…” “He’ll have moved on No, I get it So was it a clean break?” he asked At the mention of breakfast, my stomach growled “I’m going to go with a ‘yeah’ on that one,” I quipped He grinned and left me to my viewing “Don’t stay out too long You’ll freeze your ass off.” “Hopefully, only the flabby parts!” I turned and smacked his bum just as he was entering the house Wes was right, and within a couple more minutes, I was freezing my ass off— figuratively—so I went back inside to help my man make breakfast As I entered, I found a chenille throw hanging over one of the cushy chairs and wrapped it around my shoulders Wes was busy at the counter, pulling pans out and prepping for bacon He said he’d called ahead and had the caretakers fill the place with the basics We’d need to go shopping, but they had taken care of the basic amenities like eggs, bacon, milk, butter, and coffee, which I was supremely thankful for I went about making the coffee while Wes grilled the bacon and heated the pan for fried eggs “So what you want to today?” I asked, hoping he’d lead the way He tugged me to his side where he looped an arm around my shoulders “Let’s get a hot beverage here”—he pointed at Colorado Coffee—“and then we’ll walk a bit Sound good?” I leaned against his side “Anything with you sounds good Thanks for coming, by the way.” I rubbed my chin along his neck Wes smiled so wide I was sure the sunlight glinted off his pearly whites making them seem brighter Delight reached his green eyes and melted me on the spot Seeing him at ease, comfortable in his own skin and filled with a sense of peace would be enough to make me happy for a century There was just something about Wes that called to me It spoke directly to the essence of my being In equal parts, it made me blissfully happy and scared me senseless The joy, however, far outweighed the fear, and I suspected this would always be the case with us as we got closer to making our vows to one another It was hard to believe that in just over three short weeks I’d be Mrs Weston Channing I still couldn’t wrap my brain around it As we walked, Wes pointed out different hot spots for nighttime dining and prospective locations to imbibe a few cocktails and other spirits if the mood struck We made it all the way to Main Street where I spied a quaint pink building that sat right on the corner It was named simply Main Street Bakery & Café I pointed it out to Wes “Have you eaten at that cute place over there?

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Winner winner…she makes dinner.” I groaned “It’s my last night as a single lady.” “Hey, it’s not my fault he liked it so much he put a ring on it!

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  1. ” I jumped as the sensation carried over my slit The item disappeared and all that I was left with was a tingling need between my thighs and the sound of Wes inhaling deeply “Roses mixed with the honey between your thighs Babe, you’ve got me salivating,” he said on a groan I shifted on a hip and turned around Wes was rubbing a blood red rose under his nose The moment our gazes caught, he stuck out his tongue and licked the edge of the rose My mouth opened, imagining what he tasted on that flower “Delicious, but not enough.” His throat moved, and his eyes burned hotter than fire I watched as he straddled me I was wearing nothing but a white ribbed tank, since he’d divested me of my panties “Wes, you’re not supposed to be here,” I warned half-heartedly Ribbons of heat prickled against my womb and spread out, coating my thighs with need even as I spoke Based on the way Wes was looking at me, as if I was the fountain of youth and he was dying of thirst, he did not intend to be anywhere other than rooting his thick cock deep and staying long enough to find his bliss I knew it, and he knew it Why the hell was I fighting it?