Schools mandating volunteering

Posted by / 15-Oct-2019 10:03

This illustrates how the previous generation placed a strong emphasis on community service.

The onus is now on this generation and posterity to follow suit and mandatory community service is the best way to ensure that.

It also serves as a symbiotic relationship between the volunteer and the recipient.

Furthermore, by implementing mandatory community service, students are burdened with yet an extra criteria to meet in order to graduate.If you’ve decided to become part of the solution and contribute your time, energy, and skills for a good cause, the next step is to thoroughly consider your volunteer goals and to research the organizations offering programs that interest you.Volunteering abroad can be a fantastic experience and while most organizations have the same good intentions that you do and are truly working to benefit their communities, there are some bad apples and scams out there.It is important to note that there has been a rise in the amount of individuals volunteering annually, especially college freshmen.Some can attribute this to the fact that our current President spent a bulk of his early political years doing community service and has made it one of his key social programs.

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It is important to diligently vet any program you are considering to make sure the organization is legitimately supporting the people and places they serve.