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Scott moir is dating jessica dube

VANCOUVER — This week's overriding purpose of the Doug Mitchell (yes, Ticat CEO Scott Mitchell's father) Thunderbird Sports Centre is to choose Canada's Olympic figure skating team.But it's also the national championships for novice, juniors and seniors (from whose ranks the Pyeongchang team will be selected)."The event as a whole, seeing the crowd, just being back stage one more time with everybody," he said."So many memories, stories, ups and downs." Duhamel, who was the only vegan on the 2014 Canadian Olympic team in any sport, added: "I think it's a special group that has come together."I guess it's a testament to how strong our generation was, right from a young age," Davison told The Spectator.

It's a privilege to be by their side this week, and we can't wait to see what they go on to accomplish." She adds that the strong corps of graduating skaters is a tribute to Skate Canada programs such as Can Skate, which give Canadian skaters access to strong fundamentals and put the sport "in our DNA here." Moir also mentioned the work of Skate Canada high performance director Mike Slipchuk as being a rarely-reported, but an essential part of their brilliant careers.They have also combined for, so far, 25 national titles at the novice, junior and senior levels.Radford said Thursday he and his partner will be drinking it all in when they compete Friday and Saturday.The injury had an effect on Dube's Canadian teammates."Before we stepped out for the warmup I was in tears when I heard about it, and then I calmed myself down, and put it in the back of mind," Anabelle Langlois of Grand-Mere, Que., said.

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"We competed so long together that not only the skaters but the Canadian fans and audiences have got used to us. We'll be excited to see how the next group grows and unites with each other." Ancaster's Bryce Davison, who was really part of that same cohort and won the 2008 world bronze medal with Jessica Dubé, now coaches the country's No.