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Sewing machine dating

It really depends not only on all the factors we talked about but also how lucky you are on the selling day!

Now, you probably wonder what’s the difference between an old and an antique sewing machine. Yup, sure they are, but not in a way to be considered antiques.

If you want to sell it, then you have to find a collector who is really into the looks of the machine.

If your machine is old, pretty and working you won’t have troubles selling it and at a good price!

It is not grateful to talk about the exact price without knowing all the facts about a certain machine!

Perhaps your machine is very pretty but it’s not working!

But, if you can’t find a proper buyer, you can sell your machine parts! Just like I’ve mentioned on the top of this paragraph, there’s always a way to sell an old sewing machine so you don’t have to worry about it!

As far as some exact price is concerned, I’ll have to tell you that it varies from approximately 20$ to 5,000$ and more.

It’s a good thing to own this machine since it can worth much!If you’ve checked with your family and no one wants it, you’re free to search for an adequate buyer!The price really depends on factors we’ve already mentioned. Singer machines are among the most popular and the most expensive sewing machines. If you were among the lucky ones and you still have an old sewing machine determine when was it made. That’s why it’s hard to find them and if you find them you should know they cost a lot of money!

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The identification of real age of Montgomery sewing machine can be trouble!

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