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Samson is "Blind among enemies, O worse than chains" (line 66).Near the beginning of the play, Samson humbles himself before God by admitting that his power is not his own: "God, when he gave me strength, to show withal / How slight the gift was, hung it in my hair" (lines 58-9).The Chorus discusses how God grants individuals with the power to free his people from their bonds, especially through violent means: The last two hundred and fifty lines describe the violent act that actually occurs while the play was unfolding: Samson is granted the power to destroy the temple and kill all of the Philistines along with himself.However, this event does not take place on stage but is told through others.In writing the poem and choosing the character of Samson as his hero, Milton was also illustrating his own blindness, which afflicted him in his later life.

This merging of two forms alters Samson from a rough barbarian into a pious warrior of God.He shows Dalila how not to upset him: “At distance I forgive thee, go with that" (line 954).The Chorus, shortly after, complains about the nature of women and how deceptive they are: But he does describe Samson's past accomplishments when he says "thou art famed / To have wrought such wonders with an ass’s jaw" (lines 1094-5).Many of the ideas dealt with the topic of Samson, and he gave them titles such as Samson pursophorus or Hybristes ("Samson the Firebrand, or Samson the Violent"), Samson marriing or in Ramath Lechi, and Dagonalia (the unholy rites at which Samson performed his vindication of God).The title he chose emphasises Samson as a warrior or an athlete, and the play was included with Paradise Regained and printed on by John Starkey.

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Samson Agonistes (from Greek Σαμσών ἀγωνιστής, "Samson the champion") is a tragic closet drama by John Milton.