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Obviously, connecting with a bunch of different girls who seem DTF isn’t going to do you any good if they aren’t right in your area.

But here’s the way I think about the free versus paid thing: If I can spend what adds up to a couple of beers and a basket of wings at Hooter’s; and in return, I make a list of a dozen or so potential booty buddies right in my town – sign me up now; I’m down with that. If not, you can just stick to the old standby of heading down to your local bar and hitting on random girls.

Their intent was to draw guys into prostitution stings.

So the bottom line is this: When it comes to sex dating, Craigslist sex personals could help you find what you were looking for. And I know some people who hooked up with people they met that way with bad results.

Just like so many of the other guys in town – you know the ones you will be competing with.

This lets you get an even better idea of whether or not you really want to do the face to face thing at all.But in reality, they were just looking for a way to set someone up for a rip off – or worse.Additionally, something else was becoming more common: Local law enforcement types were posting ads.All of those scenarios suck when all you want to do is find a girl with a horny itch that needs to be scratched. A guy should check out apps and sites that are just for people who want to find if that’s what you are looking for.But know this: Not all of these options are the same. Many sites will separate you from some cash, period.

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But some of those ads and the people who posted them weren’t what they claimed to be.

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