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If that's not bad enough, Cowell was pictured vacationing on a yacht with Silverman and her then-husband before news of their affair leaked.

, Silverman's ex-father-in-law, Stewart Eisenberg, said Silverman cheated on her husband because he was too busy working away from home and traveling.

And guess who was right by their side as they lounged by a pool? Though Cowell and Seymour's relationship ended eight years prior, according to the , Seymour has remained a permanent fixture in his life.

Some will say Cowell's the man for surrounding himself with a bevy of beautiful women from his past and present, buy we think all the praise should go to Silverman.

“I’d had a crush on him all my life,” Sinitta said of the singer who had found fame in the Seventies.

Sinitta, who was playing a Tahitian beauty in the West End musical Mutiny!

Cowell shocked the world when he announced he was having a baby with Silverman, who just so happened to be his friend's wife!

EIGHTIES SINGER, Sinitta, has revealed that she cheated on boyfriend Simon Cowell when she was 16.

The singer, who had been dating the TV mogul for two years prior to walking into the arms of another man, says she started a relationship with fellow pop star, David Essex, who, at 37, was twice her age, reports The Daily Mail Sinitta, who claims she was ‘madly in love’ with the X Factor judge at the time, admits that she dumped him unceremoniously to continue a passionate romance with the That’ll Be The Day singer.

When it was time for Silverman to see Cowell, she reportedly "paced the lobby [of the hotel] and talked about needing to meet her 'appointment,'" the reported.

Cowell would then allegedly send a taxi for her, and 90 minutes later, she would be dropped back off at the hotel to reportedly spend more time with her family while Cowell was free to party on his own.

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If she broke the clause three times, she would be forced to forfeit all contact with her son.

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