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Posted by / 14-Jul-2020 21:30

I let go of the pressure of landing a man and stopped feeling like every guy that did not work out was a lost opportunity and waste of time.

Or the hipster bros, who wear round glasses and list "cafe-hopping" as an interest.Facebook Dating, as it is called, was first launched in five countries last year.It is housed within the existing Facebook mobile app.How good it must feel, for one's romantic life to come to fruition.But it is foolish to settle for settling's sake, for the fear of being alone and most of all for a BTO. Not because of the proverbial fish in the sea but because I have yet to meet someone I want to have, hold, change and grow with. But before that person crosses my path by way of divine intervention or some Silicon Valley algorithm, I will remain single, and hopefully fabulous.

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