Single pregnant moms dating

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Single pregnant moms dating

According to the CDC, 41 percent of moms give birth while unmarried, with an increase of women over 35 who are becoming single moms by choice.

And 24 percent of children are living with an unmarried mother.

I have a close family friend whose parents divorced when she was young, and it was a tough experience for everyone to go through.

Their world was turned upside down as she went from a full household to living with just her mom and seeing her dad a couple of times a week.

Case in point when single dad Justin chose single mom Cassandra over just single Jaclyn — which led her to comment that she didn’t realize that being a single mom would give you a leg up on this show!

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Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, a relationship ending and an uncertain future, Christine Coppa could have curled up in a ball on her parents’ couch and given up on all her dreams. When an unplanned pregnancy happens, women in relationships have a reasonable expectation that the baby’s father will be around and help out with the child-rearing, even if the relationship doesn’t last. While pregnant women will carry a very public notice of their impending motherhood nestled under their shirt, men who choose to skip out on parenthood can just go on with their lives.

Her brothers, in particular, stepped in to fill the void left by , her son’s father. Coppa’s older brother, Carlo, helped her map out her finances and work on getting rid of unnecessary debt.

As a single woman in Manhattan, Coppa lived pretty much paycheck to paycheck, saving little.

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