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Skype sex scottish

Lend your skills to GWL, or learn new skills working alongside the GWL Team You can find out what's coming up in our events calendar, or explore our projects to find out more about all our work.Our major renovation project has now been completed, with a beautiful events venue, a custom-built archive storage space, and a gorgeous lift providing access to our top floor.An undercover operation was launched and the evidence against the respondent came from chat logs and Skype conversations between him and an undercover police officer, aka “Lisa”.In the course of general sexual chat, Lisa mentioned that she had a daughter and a dog, but there was no discussion of a sinister nature about the child.“Fourthly, at the point of the initial discussion about the daughter being in the next room, the context of what he said did not involve sexual activity with the daughter, but concern in relation to her presence.

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“Secondly, when the existence of the daughter was referred to initially by the police, that provoked no reaction from the respondent.

“Thirdly, when he was asked specifically about what he was ‘in to’, and then what his fantasies might be, he made no mention of the daughter or children in general.

During a further exchange of messages Lisa asked the respondent what he was “into”, and he referred to a number of sexual practices, including the involvement of the dog, but none of children.

The daughter The first reference to the daughter was when the respondent and Lisa attempted to arrange a meeting, but Lisa said that her daughter would be in the house.

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