Stavros niarchos iii dating

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Stavros niarchos iii dating

One witness told People magazine that they heard the heiress shouting to her boyfriend over the phone, "I hate you!" Says the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Stavros was upset that Paris was hanging out with Rick Salomon, her ex with whom she filmed her infamous sex tape.They’ve also been spotted recently at an Art Basel Miami event curated by Diana Widmaier Picasso, as well as at a Garage Magazine event celebrating artist Jeff Koons.

His family isn’t too pleased with the relationship and has issued him an ultimatum says In Touch.During conflicts between Israel and Egypt, the Canal was blocked off preventing oil being shipped through the usual route.The event caused the family to reach billions, increasing their net worth significantly.After a successful insurance settlement, Niarchos’ grandfather founded Niarchos Ltd which would create one of the first high capacity oil supertankers.The company rivalled with Onassis, as both were trying to claim the ownership of the largest tanker in the world.

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1955 saw the launch of the SS Spyros Niarchos which was the world’s largest supertanker.

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