Taurus men dating cancer women

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Taurus men dating cancer women

ive had my share with Scorpio girls there some else, but I dint know Cancer & Taurus were supposed to hit it off to. Virgo your in da freaky circle me & the Taurus girl really do have a bond already. I need advice on what I can do to try and get this man back. I asked him to walk away and never contact me again (I am sure he will try) but I was tried of the games and having to PULL info out of him. I am a Taurus female and I love the attention and the affection that he shows me.... we had a thing 4 each other rite off the top really I feel the bond. However, we still live in two different places and I know that's a big thing for him.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. The other side of me yearns for freedom and wants to taste and experience everything that life has to offer.... so we were both just wondering if the other was enjoying it. muahs to him....always :) I like a Cancer guy but we chat on facebook n not so much at my college were in different groups n I don't think either of us want anyone thinking anything's going on so its hard for us to chat or hang out coz people are always there what should I do I'm a Taurus I am amazed to hear so many successful stories with Cancer men and Taurus women. I know he's been hurt before, but I have no intentions to change him or hurt him. All the girls at work would throw themselves at him and jus act like groupies and that made me pay even less attention to him. I also appreciate that we both don't want to rushed into a pell-mell of chaos, so we're just taking it easy. He is impossible to read, always speaking in riddles and leaving me to read between the lines. Never have I fallen so hard for any other sign in my whole dating experiences. I met a Cancer at work and at first we didn't really even speak, I always thought he was cute but also thought he was a player. similar ambitions..more and best is u want every thing but only with this very person... just let them be the way they are and slowly but surely they will come close.. We are now on our 7th date and I know that he likes me a lot... but because of his unpredictable and flirtatious nature im thinking to put an end to this relationship. I really REALLY am in love with this girl but I'm so worried I might be coming on too strong... But like I said I don't wanna chase her away w/ how strongly and intensely I feel. After an eternity, that good old saying came to mind "He's just not that into you! We did not seem to hit it off at first but ended up on a date. We hit it off, the conversation was great, he is really intelligent and sweet. He is not as communicative as Gemini..I decided one thing is that... I have to go with this Cancerian....(I have two sides 1. It's been years and I'm so happy because we're finally starting to connect again! He said 'Hi', I was so surprised (I thought he was god awful 'ugly') but I was polite and said 'hi', then he smiled and I looked into his eyes they just drew me in, they were deep dark, pools that just twinkled and shone. initially, I had sent him cards encouraging him to contact me, I had sent him emails asking him out to coffee, I prayed to my guides and angels to bring him closer to me...

I also have a Cancer man guide and Taurus woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. Although I have never been drawn to Gemini men, nevertheless I have always been drawn to Aqua men. There is a part of me that is very shy, introverted, conservative, artistic, and domesticated.

But when I meet Cancer men, I can't help but feel a special soul mate connection. But their moods, clinginess, and hypersensitivity turns me off. Talk about walking in a trance until the next lovely sex session. I really do enjoy the great sex benefits, and great food that comes with it.

My Cancer fling would cook me the best French toast I ever tasted!

I was once with a Cancer about 11 years ago, he found me again after I split from my husband. When he cuddles me and through his non-verbal I feel his loving and nurturing side. So we broke up and he said that he couldn't be with me now, but we might be able to be together in the future. About 6 months ago he contacted me and gave me his new phone number and said to get in touch when I got in town.

He is funny, sensitive, open, loving, and somewhat pessimistic. I follow my intuition a lot but I obviously got this one wrong, that time when I looked into his eyes, I thought I saw my 'soul mate'. No, what am I doing...'walking away', I can't take anymore, I've finally got the hint! It was too hard for him to have us be so far apart.

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I'm looking forward to seeing where our relationship will go Omg me and my Cancer just started going together and I love him so much he keeps me laugh I love everything about him... He don't wanna hurts me and he already telling me that he wants to marry me...god set me up....

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