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Teencyber chat

At the time of SEBI’s reclassification, we had kept the status quo with respect to the category, i.e., multi-cap, to give it more time.Subsequently, there were a few observations: (a) there was confusion among several external agencies because in a few places the fund used to get picked up under the large-cap category, and sometimes it used to get classified under multi-cap; (b) its AUM grew at a relatively fast pace from about ₹3,000 crore two years ago to more than 11,000 crore — thus, size was also one of the considerations, but not the main factor for the change.Today, the India business stands as a completely self-sustained unit from our promoter’s perspective.Thanks to this, we have now been able to start diversifying our business in India.And we consciously took the equity AUM route because that’s where the margins are higher.

The whole objective in these first 10 years had been to build a standalone, profitable, self-sustaining business in India.posted by admin on Cell phone safety, connect safely, Cyber Safety, Cybersafety, Internet Privacy, Internet Scams, Online activity, online addiction, Online chatting, Online Dating, Online Privacy, Online Safety, Online Scams, Parenting, Parenting Blogs, Parenting Teens, Parenting tips, Security Online, Teens and Computers, Teens and Technology No comments Good parents want to teach their children to walk and run, but still protect them when they fall.Healthy parenting is finding a balance between opportunity and risk.Thankfully, for us, we have never invested in SPVs or any of those kind of structures.Debt portfolios are not scrutinised the way equity portfolios are.

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