The pregnancy dating dilemma wheelchair user dating

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The pregnancy dating dilemma

The fetus was observed for 5 minutes for confirming absence of cardiac activity.

The patient was discharged on day 5 without complications and advised to follow up with weekly serum β HCG reports.

• Visualization of an empty uterine cavity as well as an empty endocervical canal • Detection of the placenta and/or a gestational sac embedded in the hysterotomy scar • A thin or absent myometrial layer between the gestational sac and the bladder • A closed and empty cervical canal • The presence of embryonic or fetal pole or yolk sac with or without cardiac activity • The presence of prominent or rich vascular pattern in the area of caesarean scar.However, owing to its rarity, it poses as a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma for the obstetrician.Case report: A 33 year old lady G3P1L1A1 at 8 weeks 3 days period of gestation was diagnosed as a case of viable caesarean scar pregnancy.She was treated with intracardiac potassium chloride, and intragestational sac and placental Methotrexate injection.She was followed up and at 12 weeks post treatment serum β HCG normalized and endometrial cavity was empty on transvaginal sonography.

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Scar pregnancy, Caesarean scar pregnancy, Intracardiac KCl, Methotrexate.