Trent reznor dating

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Trent reznor dating

He arrives for our meeting wearing none of his fans' brutal fashions, preferring black jeans, black T-shirt, and neat, jet-black hair.

He stands at only about 5ft 8in tall, but is densely muscular.

To Reznor’s credit and detriment, he's managed to touch on each scenario.The more interesting of these, “All the Love in the World” and “Everything,” are the opposite of “unfriendly” or “impenetrable”—their disarming warmth is what makes them memorable.Nine Inch Nails have spent nearly thirty years trading on a signature type of abrasive, parents-repelling industrial melancholia—they’ve provided decades’ worth of precedent in this style, and it would be it pretty damned difficult to release anything that could notably set itself apart on these terms.His skin is tanned, his eyes are blue and clear, and, in conversation, he is well-spoken, articulate and utterly charming.One might wonder how any of the dysfunction that Reznor exorcises in his music could ever have attached itself to such a healthy, good-looking Alpha male.

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Released shortly before Cash's death in 2003, the track came to be seen as a poignant epitaph to the country singer's troubled life.

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