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University of southern florida dating

My school is considered a commuter school - so many people say that people aren't interested in student life.

However, I would disagree - given things to get involved in, many people will get involved.

USF is a melting pot, I can't think of one group of people who aren't represented here.

But unlike high school where the groups were separated into clicks instead it's like everyone hangs with everyone, it's an awesome atmosphere filled with the friendliest students and faculty! Our campus isn't in downtown Tampa, and I personally feel its separate from Tampa entirely.

I've met some awesome and down to earth frat guys that aren't what the stereotype puts out.

The big stereotype of the students at my school is that we are all transfers from community colleges or commuters.For my campus specifically it all depends on where you spend most of your time.If you are by greek hall or the gym a lot then yes you will have to deal with the frat kids. I've met some awesome people from all of these "stereotypical" groups. However I have found that even though they fit into the category not all of them are as rigid as you may think.

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It is an up-and-coming school, so it is not entirely popular with high school graduation classes.