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Updating a table

But what happen to dependent objects ,everything will get invalidated. We've a similar situation., We delete around 3 million records from 30 million rows table everyday.

Yeah ,of course it'll recompile itself when it called next time. There is no logical column to do partition., I guess the insert into a new table will take considerable time with 27 mil records.. November 12, 2002 - am UTC wait 10 days so that you are deleting 30 million records from a 60 million record table and then this will be much more efficient. 3 million records on an indexed table will take considerable time.

That will take us to the familiar Format Paragraph dialog box: Notice how the Print Preview window (circled in red) has changed from the first time we saw it.

Also notice that, if we want more/fewer TOC levels, or we want to alter or delete the dot leader, those options are available under General (in the lower third of the dialog box).

Here's where we can fix everything that's wrong with the second-level TOC entries: we can change the font from Arial to Times New Roman with the drop-down in the center, and we can fix the paragraph issues (the right indentation and the amount of vertical space before and after) by clicking on the Format button at the bottom and choosing Paragraph from the menu.

Now that we have finished modifying the TOC Styles, we can click OK to insert the new Table of Contents.

So, for my friend Judy, who has asked me What you've learned here is just a small part of my Brief Builder's Workshop course, where you can learn all sorts of skills for building better briefs, such as creating a Table of Authorities and configuring a Table of Contents (two ways).

Asked: November 10, 2002 - pm UTC Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: May 10, 2019 - am UTC Category: Developer - Version: 8.1.7 Viewed 100K times! One of our apps updates a table of several hundred million records. For loop approach for the update was calculated to take 53.7 years to complete!

We institued the Insert into a dummy table append with nologging, and were able to complete the "update" in under 30 minutes.

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With nologging, if the system aborts, you simply re-run the 'update' again, as you have the original data in the main table.

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